Skeptici u pubu International Edition (Zg), 18. 04. 2014.

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Tko: Fabrizio Nesti, Robert & Jason Brand, Cody McClain Brown
Što: drže predavanje na Skepticima u pubu
Kada: u petak 18. 4. 2014., 18h – 21h
Gdje: Movie pub, Savska 141, Zagreb,


1. The Last Mystery: Dark Matter in the Universe – Fabrizio Nesti

There is something out there in space, something invisible that we have a hard time to understand. And although invisible, it constitutes most part of the matter in the Universe. A giant international effort made of theoretical physicists together with large telescopes, radio antennas, observatories, satellites and laboratories is ongoing, to shed light on this mistery.

2. Do it yourself : Space – Robert & Jason Brand

Ever wondered how to use free or at least cheap ways to engage children around you in space adventure from the comfort of your home. Moreover, with real space exploration using International Space Station? In simple, not technical way maybe youngsters around you will be inspired by a father & son journey. Robert Brand (62) who worked on many space missions from Apollo 11 through to the Space shuttle program will share with his son Jason (12) a short personal story about their experiences, from hunting down ISS to High Altitude Balloon flights. So grab a youngster by a hand (preferably 10 and up) and join us in adventure. Who knows how far you could fly after it.

3. The Traveling Skeptic

Outsiders are by their nature skeptics in our midst. They come from a different culture, and are able to easily question the conventional wisdom and common assumption within the local lore. Maybe this is why we are so often skeptical of them. In this talk I will discuss my experience as a skeptical outside in Croatia, adding my insight about the common fears of bare feet, propuh, and freezing ovaries as well as others.

O predavačima

Fabrizio Nesti
Fabrizio Nesti’s interests belong to the field of high energy physics, phenomenology beyond the standard model, gravity and astroparticle physics, where he worked on the issues of dark matter or possible modifications of gravity. He developed his career mostly in Trieste and L’Aquila, Italy, and now is employed as a senior research associate at the department of theoretical physics in Rudjer Boskovic Institute.

Robert Brand
Robert Brand was very involved with the Apollo missions. Stationed in Sydney Australia, his work at the Apollo switching center was at the heart of the relay for the Apollo 11 moon walk. From that date he then covered NASA missions, Apollo 13 through to the Challenger disaster. He also covered NASA’s Voyager encounters with Uranus and Neptune and ESA’s Giotto probe to Halleys Comet while stationed at the Parkes Radio Telescope. Robert Brand is Team Stellar’s Manager for Spacecraft Communications, Tracking and Data. He is also a guest aerospace lecturer at Sydney University and speaks at aerospace conferences globally. He regularly launches balloons into the stratosphere for both commercial and scientific missions, often carrying test satellite components for testing.

Jason Brand
Jason got his Amateur Radio license at age 9 so that he could help his father with high altitude balloon flights. Together they hold the world record for successful high altitude balloon launches and recoveries, while Jason helped in 16 flights to the stratosphere. Jason is very involved in the development of robotics and recently designed and built a tricopter capable of lifting 2 kg payloads. When completed, it will also have camera head tracking, full Point of View flight via goggles. It will also be able to hover in place over a launch site, filming the work and launch. While he is working towards a career in Aerospace and regularly lectures to high school students up to Year 10. Last but not the least, he is 12 year old.

Cody McClain Brown
Cody McClain Brown is a writer, teacher, and political scientist native to Oklahoma, but currently living in Zagreb Croatia. He writes a popular blog about Croatian culture, politics and economics. He teaches second year English at the University of Zagreb faculty of Political Science. His professional area of research concerns mobilization, protest and repression, and domestic conflict. His doctoral dissertation entitled: “Why Do They fight: Explaining Participation in the War in Croatia” was funded by Fulbright Research Fellowship for 2011-2012 in Croatia.

Skeptici u pubu

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